Unlock the Power of Your Savings

  • up to 8%

    Annual interest, paid out daily
  • 5

    Assets available as collateral

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Insured for up to €350 million by

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Earn Interest

Earn daily interest on your savings

The Ultimate Security for Your Assets

The Liqd platform is equipped with a top-quality security infrastructure designed to ensure maximum protection of assets at all times.

Military-grade Security

Storage held in military-grade Class III vaults

Third-party Audits

Independent, reserves audit by Armanino

ISO 27001:2013 Certified

Impeccable risk assessment, data protection, and enhanced cybersecurity

€350 million Insurance

Insurance on custodial assets

Our Mission

Creating the Future of Finance Today

Since inception Liqd has worked to combine professional financial services with non volatile digital financial assets. Leveraging the best of the team’s years of experience in FinTech along with the power of

blockchain technology, Liqd is empowering thousands of people to harness the value behind their precious assets and reap the benefits of modern finance.


All your questions about LIQD answered.

Start earning up to 8% interest in two simple steps:

  1. Open the Liqd platform 
  2. Transfer assets into your Liqd Wallet
  3. Subscribe your chosen amount to Liqd Earn balance

You’re all set! Now you’re earning daily interest that automatically goes into your Savings Wallet.

Note: You’ll start earning interest at least 24 hours after your transfer. 

Find out which assets are currently available for our Earn suite and what the exact interest rates are in our help center.

Earn up to 8% interest on GBP & EUR, following these three simple steps:

  1. Open the Liqd platform.
  2. Complete your Identity Verification.
  3. Bank transfer funds into your Liqd account. Don’t forget to use your unique reference code!

That’s it! You’ll instantly start earning interest as soon as the transaction is confirmed.

Note: The minimum top-up amounts are €100 for EUR, £100 for GBP.

For more detailed information, visit our help center.

LIQD has an easy withdraw policy meaning you can quickly get your funds back anytime you need. For amounts up to £100,000 we offer usually sameday withdraw depending on bank cut off times.  For larger amounts they are usually credited next day, as we need to exit a position to complete the payout.  Simply let us know the currency and amount you want to withdraw, update your bank account or wallet details, then authorise the transaction via your email.

We will process your  request quickly and notify you when it is completed. 

We offer a range of services, some have fees attach and some don’t. In general fees are only attached to currency exchange, lending and low value withdrawals.  We don’t charge fees on Interest Earn or general deposits/ withdrawals. LIQD accounts remain fee to open and use.

The Liqd Exchange is Liqd’s currency swap functionality, which allows for immediate exchanges between currency pairs directly within the Liqd platform.  Simply enter your chosen pair and amount, to see the live quoted exchange rate. If you confirm the trade it is executed and your balances updated immediately.


The rates will sometimes change, but this should not happen frequently. We try to provide plenty of advance notice before updating the rates, however this is not always possible. The market is dynamic and we liaise with our partner institutions for guidance. Our rates are also driven by the level of liquidity deployment we are able to achieve.  For example if we are receiving too many EARN deposits compared to credit lending, or diversified strategies then we may lower rates to reduce the imbalance.


We are managing the assets within our platform to place funds into sustainable, risk controlled, growth funds alongside collateralised credit lending  and liquidity provision services. These types of financial instruments offer significant profit potential whilst avoiding the usual speculative risks of asset or commodity investment. Having benefited from decades of financial experience we are able to deploy funds into strategies with confidence that the returns will be safe, whilst attractive compared to bank rates.

Note: Using Liqd  requires Identity Verification and is currently only available to Citizens of these countries


LIQD has been derived from a combination of fintech and traditional finance meaning that relatively recently it became possible to create a platform that effectively managed the assets, whilst offering sustainable interest rates that are above the level that banks offer. 

We previously only allowed HNWI (high net worth) and institutional clients access these services due to a more service driven approach. However it was evident that there is significant customer demand from individual and small business savers who want access to our services.

At this point we decided to open up the platform to a limited number of new clients, until we feel that the AUM – assets we manage, are reaching the upper limit of ‘deployment liqudity’ meaning that we can place funds effectively whilst maintaining our high standards of diligence and control.


Unlock the Power of Your Assets

With the account that caters to your profit and prosperity through our leading high-yield interest on your idle savings.

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